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AH017 is an antistatic plastic masterbatch, containing synthetic esters and synthetic amine surfactants, this product is environmentally friendly non-toxic. In the PP film or sheet product production process to add the appropriate amount of AH017, can eliminate the product with static electricity, reduce dust adsorption, and the optical properties of products, physical properties and printing will not have a negative impact. Symbols food packaging hygiene requirements, through FDA testing.


Antistatic Masterbatch :

  • Based on Stearate type antistatic agent
  • Offers the possibility of avoiding electrostatic charging by causing a fast discharge of the plastic’s surface
  • Have the ability to absorb moisture
  • Allowing for the static charges to dissipate

Application :

  •     Antistatic packaging
  •     Handling of electronic components
  •     Films
  •     Power cables & accessories
  •     The automotive industry
  •     Belts & hoses
  •     Rollers & seals
  •     PE foam

Benefits :

  •     Good conductivity
  •     Easy & excellent dispersion
  •     Easy mixing & processing
  •     Good balance of conductive, mechanical & flow properties
  •     High extrusion throughput
  •     An excellent price performance ratio
  •     Prevent the static charge
  •     Stabilize PE foam

Conclusion :

  • For permanent static control, antistatic MB is incorporated into the molten polymer. This result in a reduction of the surface resistivity in polyolefins to as low as 109 ohms.
  • Thermally stable
  • To stabilize the weal foamed cell structure
  • Optimum antistatic effect can be obtained if relative humidity is above 45 %


Details :

  • Usage :  AH017 anti-static masterbatch 1-2% of the product surface or core layer, 3-5 days, BOPP film surface resistance down to 1011 ohms below, CPP and IPP products can be reduced to 1010 ohms; Thin products, or in the winter low temperature, low humidity environment, it is recommended to increase the amount of appropriate increase.
  • Packing :  25KG / bag, paper-plastic composite bag, lined with PE film bag.
  • Storage :   Cool and dry place sealed at room temperature.
  • Valid :  12 months.


Color Available In Many Colors
Use Industrial
Length 0.5inch
Pack Size 25 kg
Feature Unadulterated
Quality Superior

Technical Specifications

Physical properties Unit (International) Test Methods
Effective content 2% -
Bulk density   520-560kg/m3      DIN53466
Melt index (230oC,2.16kg ) 7-20 g / 10 min     DIN53735
Moisture content   <800ppm  -

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