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Biodegradable Masterbatch Manufacturer

Completely Biodegradable Resin is one of the latest products developed by our company
It is a new type of thermoplastic and environmentally-friendly resin mixed with the unique modified starch and degradable resin
Completely degraded in natural environment in a short period of time
Same processibility and service performances as the conventional plastics


  • High-grade garment plastic packaging film
  • Mulching film for agriculture
  • Cutlery, golf tee
  • Biodegradable stationary goods
  • Degradable plant pot
  • Food packaging films
  • Disposables cups, trays, spoons, garbage bags, carry bags, etc..
  • Surgical clothes, medical gloves and so on


  • Environmental Friendliness
  • No harmful residues produced
  • Suitable for compost able treatment
  • Little heat and no toxic gas generated when burnt.
  • Anti-static, easy for printing and smooth in handling.
  • Good processibility and can be processed with general equipment. Scraps can be recycled.

In order to support everyone's awareness of Environment friendliness, we have introduced Biodegradable MB.

Who could use :
Manufacturers of Plastic Sheets / Bags/ Rolls / Injection Moulded products.
Hospitals, various part manufacturers, individuals, garbage disposal agencies, hotels, supermarkets.


Color Green
Material Plastic
Length 0.5inch
Use Industrial
Pack Size 25 kg
Quality Superior

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