Perfect Colourants and Plastics Pvt. Ltd.

Black Masterbatch Manufacturer

Introduction :

  • Made with finer particle size of carbon & black pigment
  • Available with different loading of carbon black pigment fm 30 % & 40 %
  • Manufactured with PE, PS, ABS, NYLON, PC base carriers

Application :

  • Black masterbatch Can be used in a wide variety of polymer systems from ABS, HIPS, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, and PP homo and co-polymers
  • Typical applications include film, compounding, pipe, fiber, and injection / blow molding
  • Agricultural, automotive, consumer products, industrial, and packaging.

Benefits :

  • Gives excellent carbon black dispersion & high jet ness value
  • Excellent performance alone OR combination with other stabilizers
  • We do make tailor made masterbatches depending upon the application, economics and customer's requirement"


Material Plastic
Color Black
Purity 100%
Length 0.5inch
Pack Size 25 kg
Use Industrial


POM BLACK- COMPOUND BK-105 Trade customized 0.870 GM/CC
HIPS BLACK BK- 101 Trade customized 0.703 GM/CC
PC BLACK BK-1801 Trade customized 0.710 GM/CC
NET BLACK BK-7021 45.00% 0.842 GM/CC
ECO BLACK BK-6040 30.00% 0.804 GM/CC
BLACK BK-2040 20.00% 0.798 GM/CC

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