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Conductive Masterbatch Supplier

Introduction : The 3 main areas where conductive and antistatic MB can be utilized are:

  • Static Control Compounds - these prevent damage due to high voltage sparks and surges.
  • Spark prevention reduces the explosion hazard when handling hazardous dust or solvent products in packaging applications.
  • Surge prevention is intended to protect electronic component during their assembly and whilst in use.

Application :

  •     Antistatic packaging
  •     Handling of electronic components
  •     Films
  •     Power cables & accessories
  •     The automotive industry
  •     Belts & hoses
  •     Rollers & seals

Benefits :

  • Good conductivity
  • Easy & excellent dispersion
  • Easy mixing & processing
  • Smooth surface finish
  • Good balance of conductive, mechanical & flow properties
  • High extrusion throughput
  • An excellent price performance ratio

Conclusion : There are three levels of static protection which Conductive and Antistatic MB are supplied to meet, these are mainly expressed as SURFACE RESISTIVITY value.

Conductive - SR <105 ohms/square Static Dissipative - from 105 to <109 ohms/square Antistatic - from 109 to <1014 ohms/square


Color Black
Material Plastic
Length 0.5inch
Use Industrial
Pack Size 25 kg
Feature Unadulterated

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