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Laser Compounds Supplier

Introduction :  Laser marking is generally accepted to be the best way to permanently mark thermoplastics: Eco-friendliness, durability,
inaudibility, and flexibility are just a few aspects that make it more advantageous than other marking techniques. The majority of
plastics cannot be marked economically and with adequate results without the use of laser sensitive additives. By using laser
compound, a wide variety of polymers in almost any color can be made laser marketable and the expectations are met for high-
quality, high-performance polymer.

Applications :

  • Marking on Caps and closures
  • Marking indestructible serial numbers / ID numbers / barcode on technical parts.

Benefits :

  • Leave clearly defined visible marks on all types of applications. Very flexible in terms of surface and design
  • Economic
  • Difficult to counterfeit
  • Inkless
  • Carried out at very high speed and without contact

Features :

  • Pre-treatment of the surface is not necessary
  • No significant influence on the properties of the material.
  • Suitable for nearly all standard polymers and a variety of technical polymers.
  • Easy to incorporate into existing formulations and give well-defined and high-contrast markings.


Color Available in Many Colors
Material Plastic
Length 0.5inch
Use Industrial
Pack Size 25 kg
Quality Superior

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