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Plastic Masterbatches

White Masterbatches are made with unique recipe and additives, which give excellent dispersion, gloss, supreme whiteness and optimum opacity level. The content of TiO2 varies from 30% to 75% to give optimum value for the product. Colour Masterbatches are available in wide range of colours. The Masterbatches & compounds are manufactured for

Introduction :

  • Made with finer particle size of carbon & black pigment
  • Available with different loading of carbon black pigment fm 30 % & 40 %
  • Manufactured with PE, PS, ABS, NYLON, PC base carriers

Application :

  • Black masterbatch Can be

Introduction : Available with different loading of Rutile grade Titanium Dioxide fm 30 % to 70 % Manufactured with PE, PP PS and EVA base carriers Suitable for processing on high speed machines"> White Masterbatch Made with unique formulation recipe & additives Available with different loading of Rutile grade Titanium

Slip Additive Masterbatch :

  • Manufactured using additives from fatty acid amide group
  • Manufactured on fact migration characteristic additives
  • Based on extremely pure Frucamide slip additive

Application : In all kind of Extrusion films Can be used in LDPE / LLDPE

Introduction : Masturbates provides exceptional solution to avoid or reduce Warped in molded parts results from differential shrinkage.
Variation in shrinkage can be caused by molecular and fiber orientation, temperature variations within the molded part.

Applications : Suitable for all

Introduction : Contains high performance of enhancing the antimicrobial properties in plastic Appearance is fine white Can be added at any stage in the processing

Application :

  • Agriculture films
  • Household products, viz. shower curtain
  • Medical disposables, viz.

AH017 is an antistatic plastic masterbatch, containing synthetic esters and synthetic amine surfactants, this product is environmentally friendly non-toxic. In the PP film or sheet product production process to add the appropriate amount of AH017, can eliminate the product with static electricity, reduce dust adsorption, and the optical

Completely Biodegradable Resin is one of the latest products developed by our company
It is a new type of thermoplastic and environmentally-friendly resin mixed with the unique modified starch and degradable resin
Completely degraded in natural environment in a short period of time

Introduction : The 3 main areas where conductive and antistatic MB can be utilized are:

  • Static Control Compounds - these prevent damage due to high voltage sparks and surges.
  • Spark prevention reduces the explosion hazard when handling hazardous dust or solvent products in packaging

Impact Modifier Masterbatch :

  • Unmodified polymers viz, PVC, PMMA, PS/SAN are brittle. Even PC,PA or PE will exhibit a brittle to ductile & limited impact strength
  • In order to satisfy end-use requirement for rigid applications

 Application :

  • In

Nucleating Masterbatch :

  • PP – Base carrier
  • 10 % of active ingredient
  • Enhances the clarity of PP products

Application :

  • Injection moulded items
  • Extruded films
  • Blow moulded containers
  • PP based products viz., medical

Optical Brightener Masterbatch :

  • Contain highly concentrated Brightener chemicals
  • It gives smooth & glossy surface of film

Application :

  • Suitable for clear & white opaque multilayer & monolayer films
  • Filaments
  • All extruded

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